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Mere Brother Ki Dulhan Jo

Shiva: Haan tumhi toh hai mere is halat ka karan... kyu ki bachpan se leke aaj tak tujhe sirf Dev hi nazar aata tha and me nahi, kyu ki woh toh samaajdar, intelligent and gentelman tha, Jab mujhe pata chala ki tum Dev se pyaar kar thi hai, tab se mei apna har mann liya tha and I had decided to behave as if I hate you and to avoid my feelings for you... lekin meri yeh dil hai na...(beats his heart with fists)...

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan Jo

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Shiva: Haan... Plan named from "Mere brother ki dulhan" to "Meri aur sirf meri chipkali" banane ka plan... All family members never got to know about it, because as per for the family members my actions looked like a hate for you... and unnoticed by anyone tumhari saari pre wedding ke rasam's got completed with me only(smirks) if you remember...

Kush Agnihotri (Khan) is given the job of finding his London-based Bhaisahab Luv,who has broken up with his girlfriend (DSouza),a suitable dulhan. So,of course,he has to choose the most insane girl on the planet,who goes by the name of Dimple Dixit (Kaif). Having acted as the obedient chota bhai through the mostly-enjoyable breezy first half,Kush realises that his to-be bhabhi is the one. Im giving nothing away when I say this because you know,and I know,that he will be hit on his thick head with this fact just before the interval.

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