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By Candlelight: Candles For Scent, Mood

Promised yourself a de-stressed body and mind this year? Don't let your New year's resolution go to waste. Walking into 2022, we know this year is going to be full of challenges as well, but keeping our peace of mind in priority, let's talk about something very underrated but can work great as a de-stress therapy this year. Relaxing Scented candles! It's time you realize investing in good scented candles can help you calm and lift your mood.

By Candlelight: Candles for Scent, Mood

Fragrances trigger areas in our brain that relate to our emotions, so when we inhale the fragrance, these scents go directly to our brains, where the neurological effect can alter our moods. Selecting candles based on scent can be the perfect way to improve your mood and reduce anxiety, fatigue, or loneliness. The gentle and mesmerizing quality of natural scented candles makes them perfect for any relaxation routine.

Scented candles can induce calm and help to alleviate symptoms of stress, with the ability to lower cortisol. Certain candles are crafted specifically to activate chemicals in the brain, like serotonin and dopamine, to support a positive mood.

Another one of the ways that candles can have a positive effect on your mood is through mood regulation. Mood regulation is important for managing day-to-day life, relationships, and mental health. There are many ways to regulate moods, like exercise, healthy eating, and therapy; however, a very simple way to regulate your mood is through acts of self-care.

Scented candles have mesmerizing aromas that produce an uplifting effect. Along with the amazing mental benefits, the simple act can contribute to the way you regulate your mood, manage your stress, and improve your mental health. If you are interested in taking a little me time and improving your mood and physiological well-being by adding scented candles to your self-care routine, visit us today for a variety of luxury hand-poured candles.

Candles can set the mood for some of our favorite activities - start your day with a quiet candlelit moment, curl up in your favorite spot to read a good book with your favorite scented candle, and consider ending your day with a bubble bath by candlelight. By taking these small moments of mindfulness, you begin to associate candles with the act of calm relaxation.

Set the mood this Valentine's Day with the help of a little dreamy candlelight. These romantic Valentine's Day candles are a great way to make your Valentine's dinner more special, or simply add a cozy atmosphere to your home throughout February. Even if you're celebrating alone with a Valentine's day movie marathon and your favorite Valentine's Day dessert, these sweet-smelling candles will brighten up your space and encourage all the self-love that you so deserve.

"The soothing effect that candles have is based on how the brain processes smells. The smell of scented candles stimulates our limbic system, the part of the brain that is home to our memory and emotions. Hormones like serotonin and dopamine can be produced to help regulate mood. Therefore, our emotional state is influenced by the relationship that exists between scents, memories, and emotions."

Not sure what to look for in home scents? Go with what speaks to you and let scented candles help bring tranquility through a soothing aroma. Choose nostalgia invoking fragrances in the bedroom as you read at night. Relax in a warm bath while a fragrance tailored to your mood transforms the room. Or light a beautiful candle cradled by elegant glass whose alluring scent of flowers recalls gardens you visited on vacation. For the holidays, try our spice scented candles with clove and cinnamon.

A study conducted by Keville and Green (2009) reports that imbalances of psychological wellbeing such as depression can be improved with the use of scented candles and oils. For example, certain scented candles can help reduce feelings of fear and anxiety, reducing stress and lifting mood.

Have you ever thought that by understanding the different effects of various scents, you can take control of your mood and light the candle you need? Here are some scented candles that can be used to support with anxiety or stress:

Scented candles offer many benefits. But there are a wide variety of scents that can boost our mood. For example, eucalyptus candle benefits include improving your focus and energizing you. When you feel less stressed, you are happier in every aspect of your life. You instantly feel more focused, and at one with yourself. We live in a world where stress is commonplace. It is ingrained into us that our fight or flight sensation is triggered every time we experience something in the workplace. Taking the opportunity to light a candle at the end of a busy day can do wonders to reduce your stress.

Candles create a mood, but they also create something different in each and every one of us. We've relied on candles for 5,000 years to illuminate. And yes, they are a fantastic decoration and we can use them to our advantage when we are looking to make a space look a bit more vibrant. As candles have evolved over the 5,000 years since old Egyptians made torches by soaking the core of reeds in melted animal fat, they've become something different to each and every one of us. From the romantic settings on Valentine's Day to religious festivals and celebrations, and everything in between, candles have become something more.

When a scent is connected to a sweet or traumatic experience, perceiving the scent can trigger either happy or sad memories. This scent-memory-feeling link can also be used to your advantage for boosting your mood, and productivity. This is why scented candles are very popular in self-care and well-being, due to their aromatherapy benefits.

A lot of people focus on the physical aspect of health and ignore the mental and emotional aspect, even though they are equally crucial for a healthy life. Aromatherapy is one of the ways to take care of this because it helps you relieve stress by calming your nerves, mind, body and soul. According to several researchers by prestigious institutions, scents and fragrances play vital roles in elevating moods and emotions. For some people, they use essential oils, some use a variety of remedies, while others use scented candles. Nothing beats scented candles, because they soften your environment and make it a positive space for you.

Scents have a positive impact on your mood, we bet you still get happy when your mom bakes your favorite cookies. You know why? Because you grew up with that fragrance and its there in your past and memories, so whenever you smell that fragrance again, you feel happy and your mood lightens. So pick up some happy and fresh fragrance candles like peppermint, citrus or vanilla to lighten up your mood.

Candles are a beautiful, and inexpensive way to decorate a home. But, have you ever stopped to think about the mood you want to set when choosing a scent or do you just buy them impulsively? Lately, I have been trying to be more mindful with my purchases. Considering I live on a constant cleaning and decluttering spree, I even try to choose my decorative candles with purpose. Here are my tips on how to choose the appropriate candle scents to match your mood.

The science of candles for mental health is rooted in the practice of aromatherapy. A study from Scientia Pharmaceutica states that "the sense of smell plays an important role in the physiological effects of mood, stress, and working capacity." Certain scents can reduce anxiety and fear, which decreases your stress and improves your mood. Many therapists use these scents in their practice when supporting individuals struggling with anxiety or stress:

While candles make a great last-minute gift, they also help set the mood, transforming your living room from the place you watch TV every night to the romance capital of the world (at least for you and your partner!). Candles can even help lift the mood if you're spending the holiday solo. (There's nothing wrong with a little self love!)

Whether you're enjoying the benefits of being single or cuddling up with a good rom-com, to help you make the most of February 14, we found the best Valentine's Day candles to set a romantic mood.

Adding a touch of candlelight to your space just makes you feel so relaxed and at peace. Whether they are in the bath to set a #mood, or in your kitchen while you're whipping up some baked goods, it's a perfect way to enjoy some soothing scents. You can even add some essential oil candles by your bedside to create a relaxed reading atmosphere. You'll be all ready to snap some pictures and pair them with just the right cozy captions for candles.

Let the illumination commence this September as we celebrate World Candle Month. With the summer winding down and the cooler, darker, autumn taking over, September is the perfect time of year to celebrate the remarkable history and modern relevance of the humble (and not so humble) candle. World Candle Month highlights the many ways that candles, scented or otherwise, can be incorporated into our daily lives. Once used to bring light into dark places, candles are now a source of calm and relaxation with scents designed to freshen any space and improve any mood.

It is around the turn of the 20th century that candle use changed from being a source of light to being a source of entertainment. The light bulb displaced the candle as the primary light bringer in the late 19th century and their numbers stayed steady until the 1980s when candles, now often scented, saw a resurgence as decoration, mood-setters, or gifts. The candle industry continues to grow today as advances in wax, scent, and color technology offer consumers a panoply of options for their homes.

The wheel gets all the attention but where would the world be without candles? It would have surely been a darker, less enlightened place, especially in the winter. These days candles still have an important function, that of mood setter and decoration.

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