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Ottawa Community Center Programs HOT!

Methods: This study design was a research and development study. (i) Assessment of health needs by interviewing 359 people in the community to select health programs for the community health promotion center. (ii) Five health promotion strategies from the Ottawa Charter were applied to develop the community health promotion center for a city community.

Ottawa Community Center Programs


Results: (i) The people in the community had higher socioeconomic status levels and better health behaviors compared to the general Korean population, and they also listed chronic health problem management as their first priority health service. (ii) Development of the community health promotion center was done based on the five World Health Organization's Ottawa Charter Health Promotion Strategies: build healthy public policy, create supportive environments, strengthen community actions, develop personal skills, and reorient health services.

HOW do we help people and their pets? CVO is staffed with veterinary and community volunteers and operates out of partner agency locations. Clients and their pets are referred to programs through case workers operating out of our partnership agencies in the community. Programs include:

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