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Ibm Spss Statistics Trial Software Mac

A free 30 day trial version of this software is available to students enrolled in certain courses at MINITAB is a general statistical and graphical analysis package. It can do various general analyses including time series. To download the 30 day trial version of Minitab, click here and carefully follow the on screen instructions. For more information about MINITAB, visit the MINITAB . This software is supported by our teaching assistants.

Ibm Spss Statistics Trial Software Mac

This software is free and can be obtained from the R Project website. It does basic statistics, resampling, regression, logistic regression, GLM and GEE (this list includes available user-written routines). To obtain a free copy or to receive more information about R visit the R Project

A trial copy of Stata is available for use in all courses. It does standard statistics, resampling, time series, regression, logistic regression, GLM and GEE. To request the trial copy, email and inform them that you are taking a course with and tell them which of our courses you are taking. Stata licenses are no longer platform specific and will run on all supported platforms of Stata, including Windows, Mac, and Unix varieties. Stata is available as a download, so participants can choose electronic delivery (for no charge) or pay only a shipping charge to receive an installation DVD. For more information about Stata, visit the Stata Corp website:

Statistical process control, quality control, design of experiment, simulation, statistics, graphics and data management functionality are available in a free 30-day trial of STATISTICA. This software trial is only for installation on a personal computer. Download the trial: -statistica-10-trial/

Statgraphics is a full suite of powerful yet easy to use data analysis, predictive analytics and visualization software programs. Centurion XVII is a Microsoft based program designed for DOE, SPC, graphical representation, forecasting and data analysis. A free 30 day trial is available at

Design-Expert(R) software from Stat-Ease, Inc. is a statistical package for Design of Experiments (DOE). With it you can not only screen for vital factors, but also locate ideal process settings for top performance and discover optimal product formulations. To download the free 45-day trial, you may click here. Students of qualify for a discounted rate using this form. For more information on Design-Expert, please visit:

A free one year license of Resampling Stats is provided for use in courses; first download the trial software from the site noted below, then request a one year license at the beginning of the course. Resampling Stats does resampling (bootstrapping, permutation tests). For more information about Resampling Stats visit the Resampling Stats website:

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