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Modelling The F-4 Phantom II (Osprey Modelling 3)

The format of the series is to provide the modeller with inspiring and informative chapters focussing on sub genres of a particular aircraft. A certain level of modelling skill is assumed and these books are not aimed at novice modellers but at those who have a bit of experience and want to progress. Picking a popular subject as the vehicle to illustrate how to apply advanced techniques and including a few less well known hints and tips along the way, the book follows a logical progression of building to finishing.

Modelling the F-4 Phantom II (Osprey Modelling 3)

Although most RF-4Es lacked the ability to carry weapons (though some Luftwaffe examples were later modified to carry cluster bombs), it's arguably one of the most interesting versions from a modelling standpoint, as it has worn many of the more colourful Phantom camouflage schemes.

The main tools that I use for modelling are shown in the picture below. An Iwata HP-C airbrush, a couple of different shaped scalpels, tweezers, warded needle files, emery sticks and lots of paint brushes. There are a lot of other items in the tool box for specific jobs and some specialist tools for working with photoetch.

The ALQ-87 is a bit doubtful for the aircraft I was modelling, as by this time it would probably have had the up graded ALQ-101 ECM pod fitted. I did look at scratch building a 101 but decent pics are quite hard to come by and no one does an after market item. So in the end I wimped out and went with the 87, but I did modify the aerials so it was the most up to date version. All the 101s were allocated or u/s on the day this model was made!

At this stage it was without the folding wingtips which have a marked dihedral (angled upwards). Now some modelling sites flag these up as a problem area and accuse Tamiya of setting that the wrong angle. So I went back to the reference books to check what the angle should be. 041b061a72

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