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The Genesis Children Full Movie 31: Where to Find and Buy the DVD Editions

the genesis costume was first created for crisis core, and as the character gained popularity, he was incorporated into dirge of cerberus -final fantasy vii-. gackt said that he "really liked the way the jacket fit over his chest, and the collar could be opened and closed like a zipper. it is a real boy style. i was really pleased with the way the sleeves turned out, but they don't seem to fit well with the rest of the outfit." for dirge of cerberus -final fantasy vii-, the left sleeve is separated from the rest of the jacket. [4]

The Genesis Children Full Movie 31

genesis and angeal were childhood friends. genesis wanted to become a soldier, and after angeal graduated, he left genesis and joined soldier. genesis was the only soldier angeal actually cared about. genesis challenged sephiroth to a one-on-one duel, but angeal intervened. genesis broke angeal's soldier sword and the top sliced into his shoulder as it shattered. [5]

genesis's attire resembles that of sephiroth. genesis's outfit is a variant of sephiroth's suit, with the color swapped and with a crescent symbol on the back of his collar. [6] genesis has a military-styled jacket and pants, with a leather belt and loose, worn-in clothes. gackt said, "the outfit is a mixture of the default outfit and the new one." gackt's contributions to the costume design were inspired by, among others, his love of final fantasy vii and the character sephiroth, as well as his experiences with the crisis core cast.

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