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Download Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life Pc Full Version [UPD]

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download harvest moon a wonderful life pc full version

Download Zip:

Open-mindedness is the key to a long and healthy gaming life. Some of you are bound to agree with that - and we're guessing that anybody who does also took a chance on ICO, Viewtiful Joe, Mario & Luigi, perhaps even Gregory Horror Show, and in doing so bucked the growing trend of safety first when it comes to buying videogames. And it is a growing trend. And a worrying one. These days the charts are crammed full of the very rubbish we're supposed to be trying to avoid, and the laughable part is that we're going out and buying this stuff because we're unwilling to take risks on games we're unfamiliar with. It didn't used to be like this. Once upon a time, "I don't like RPGs" wasn't even intelligible English. These days it's common. Plug it into Google. Plug in a few variations. Cry.

Good. You're still reading. You've taken the first step. Now try to imagine an idyllic rural community nestled in a sunny valley on the coast of a beautiful island. Think of the simple life; toiling in the fields, visiting friends in town, fishing in the river, and gradually building up a healthy family, going home every night in the pitch black and lying down with an expression of true contentment plastered across your jaw. Each day isn't that different to the last, but each day is full of tasks you're used to and competent at, the chance to take small risks building up your business, and little moments of exquisite joy as carefully sown plans literally bear fruit, and give you the chance to expand and enrich your already comfortable and satisfying lifestyle. And if you ever get bored of playing business-savvy farmer, you can always retire to the pub for an afternoon to shoot the breeze with the regulars. Who knows - you might learn something.

That's not to say it's a game without challenge, however. Turning the ranks of cattle into a thriving dairy business, for example, involves lots of hard graft and careful attention paid to each animal, and on the social side courting a young lady is really only the beginning. The game is split into six chapters, some of which are spread over several years (each of which encompasses about 20 hours of gameplay in four 10-day seasons), and there are certainly more things to worry about in the latter years, including your wife and child. Cleverly though, the added task of raising the nipper and helping him choose a path in life is offset somewhat by the refinement of your farming - investing in an automated milking room could take a lot of the donkeywork out of the early hours, and cows actually learn when they're meant to use it too, if you establish a regular routine for them. Time management is a regular concern, but pretty soon you'll realise that everything is carefully balanced, and the routine will be stripped of potential trepidation as long as you're conscious of the time, leaving you to enjoy the journey through life.

It's a life you'd want to live, and it's a truly refreshing escape from the pressures of reality into an imaginary utopia poised on the edge of an ocean. Long-term fans may bemoan the loss of harvest festivals, and there are some question marks over certain areas (and the GBA connectivity is worth little more than a few extra items), but in a world where everyone's happy to bank on erroneously labelled safest bets, this truly delivers exactly what it promises: A Wonderful Life. Take a chance and you'll soon understand.

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